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Well my name is Johan, and I live and work for the most part in Johannesburg, South Africa. I come from the I.T. industry, and got involved heavily with Photoshop and image artwork back then. With that experience, I moved into the photographic industry, running and owning two photographic labs. As you might be aware, the photo lab days are more or less done. Today I own a photographic rental business, www.lensrental.co.za , where I spend most of my time. Over time I have photographed many subjects, and always come back to glamour and more seductive work, which I feel I am best at, and which realistically enables me to make a living.

The people who know my photography work, all say they envy me, but what they don't realize, is that it is not that simple to capture quality. Anyone can photograph a sexy woman, in skimpy outfits or nude, but to capture it with good lighting and perhaps slight story telling is the hard part, as well as making sure the clothing is working for the person. My skill does not lie with who I photograph, but how I photograph them, and what I feel is very sexy and seductive. Hopefully this is what sets me apart from the other photographers out there. I don't just want my clients to feel beautiful, I want them to be SEXY - HOT - SEDUCTIVE - EROTIC !!! When my clients give there partners the present of beautiful photography, their partners must be excited, and feel the emotion of AMAZEMENT !!! It must be something that beings them closer to each other, something they can view and feel excited about TOGETHER !!!